Charis, Model for a Day.

Sometimes women don't want their images on social media. That is totally their prerogative. Those who do allow their images online or in print give me their explicit consent. Sometimes I get in wardrobe pieces that I just want to show off and see how they photograph, so I enlist the help of a model.  The models I use are never professional models.  They're women who raise their social media hands and volunteer to come to the studio. Charis was amazing enough to come and play in the studio with us!  She was open to whatever!  

She rocked the "Let's Cuddle and Listen to Metal" shirt with the pink fishnets.  Man, I love that outfit.  She rocked the red rose bodysuit and the gold chain halter.  I couldn't wait to photograph someone in those pieces and Charis was amazing in them. 

Gina, one of my uber talented makeup artists, worked her fabulous artistry and accentuated Charis's already beautiful features.  I threw some dry shampoo into her hair and BOOM! it was good to go.  I had planned on tousling her hair around all day, so she didn't need much prep.

Before each shoot I make a shot list.  This is a list of poses that I want to use for each wardrobe change.  I like to plan ahead of time so I don't forget anything!  I can't tell you how many times I've started a shoot and I'm so busy concentrating on everything else that I forget what poses I wanted to use.  There are dozens and dozens and dozens, so it's so easy to forget them all.  Wouldn't you know, I totally forgot to upload Charis's shot list that morning!  I had to wing it...and I think I did a pretty stellar job. My favorite, which was completely unexpected, was that the room with the yellow chair totally matched her wardrobe and hair.  It worked out beautifully.