There is something beautiful about those new looks of fiery connection a couple can have in the first months of their relationship. There's an intensity. A rawness to them. Chrystina (Lady Firelight) and John are a beautiful example of this. They wanted to capture the new love that has formed between them; to have an experience that would challenge them and bring them together as one. Both Chrystina and John were happy to play in the water, despite it being a little chilly to start. We did find bits of glass in the sand, so for the Summertime Splash Mini-Sessions I'll be sure to bring a dark towel to place underneath folks while they're sitting in the creek.

Neither John or Chrystina were nervous. They were simply excited to be making memories with someone that they love.

Chrystina's favorite image: Me looking at my partner kneeling in the water

John's favorite image: The photo of our faces together eyes closed.