Meet Ciara, the 2018 VIP Ambassador!

"I would love to be your 2018 ambassador. I am a free spirit and love to show other women anything is possible no matter shape or size. I've been through a complete body and mind transformation losing 76 pounds,and finding my self along the way. Learning to love my body no matter what weight. I am now more confident than I've ever been and want to continue to push myself into new creative outlets in order to stay in my power."

I chose Ciara for a few reasons.  One being that she aligned with the empowerment piece that rings true for me in what I do.  Showing women their beauty, helping them to take their power back and to stay in that power is a huge catalyst in boudoir work, at least for me.  Ciara was thoughtful in her choosing women to add to the boudoir group.  She took the time to reach out to the women and tell them about the group and what she was doing, so that they would answer my three questions and gain access to the group. There were over 300 women who did not answer any questions or answered them in a way that did not align with what we do here.  For instance, one of the questions asks if you are okay with nudity or implied nudity. In a boudoir group that is an important question to ask because I do not intentionally aim to offend anyone. I certainly would not want anyone who was not okay with those things to be in the group. On the other hand, I would not anyone to shame another person for choosing to post nude or in an implied nude fashion.  We're here to build one another up, not tear each other down. The world does enough of that.  I had a few women who were added to asked to be removed because they would never want to be apart of a group like this. I absolutely understand and respect that.  I appreciate that Ciara took the time to add women who would not be offended and who wanted to be a part of our community.  Lastly, Ciara is someone I've never photographed before.  We didn't run in the same circles, so we were strangers.  I loved that. Not that I don't love photographing people I know, but I was excited to reach beyond what was comfortable...for the both of us. 

Gina, my makeup artist, and Carolyn, my hair stylist, worked their amazing magic after Ciara slipped into the studio robe and complimentary slippers.  Ciara is in love with her freckles and wanted to make sure there wasn't a lot of makeup to hide them. Gina knew exactly how to make that happen. 

Ciara had some amazing pieces with her...beautiful bodysuits, a cute shirt she recently purchased and fell in love with, a beautiful dress.  She was also willing to don the body chain we have in our studio wardrobe.  She was willing to go outside as well.  I love when clients are up for just about anything!

We are so excited to have Ciara as our 2018 VIP Ambassador!