~ Self-Love Sessions ~

I went into this with all kinds of insecurites regarding my body... "I don't think I'm sexy", "nobody thinks I'm sexy", "I hate this about my body", etc. Erica gave us both an opportunity to feel sexy in our own skin and didn't make it uncomfortable in any way. We giggled a lot during the process and truly enjoyed every moment of the experience... and the end result made us feel like super-models. We hope to do it again and have already recommended her to several couples.


The best thing I ever did for myself (on the premise of a gift for my husband ). 
Erica is amazing!!! Professional and talented, but completely put me at ease for something that can be a little nerve wracking! 
Pricing was very reasonable and turnaround time on final product super quick!
I would recommend her to anyone!


What a great experience! It's easy to feel intimidated when doing pics of this nature. I felt nothing but comfortable the whole time! Erica is a fantastic professional, she has beautiful artistic vision and helps bring out the beauty of the person she's photographing.


The beauty in her photos, you'd think, is the closest you could get to seeing the real deal. 
Erica Chick is a creative thinker with an amazing ability to capture spontaneous moments. I went to Erica having no clue where to take pictures only giving her a description of a theme. Her flexible imagination took us to the most beautiful gardens and outdoor scenery, it was just what I was looking for. The pictures came out with astonishing quality and angles, much like her other work. 
Not only is Erica a phenomenal photographer with an exceptional eye for beauty, she is so much fun! I felt like no event was taking place and we were just hanging out as good friends!
Erica's spunky personality, makes you want your photo shoot day to never end. Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience, I can't wait for more!


I have worked with Erica a couple of times and her approach is professional, enthusiastic, and caring. I look forward to working with Erica again someday; to this day she has taken my favorite picture of me and I feel like who I really am shows up in the image. Erica loves her craft, and wants her clients to feel beautiful - comfortable - but to have fun,, too, and this is evident in every photo I have seen. She is always finding new ways to capture simple elements of daily life, but also to memorialize community history. She's a fantastic photographer!


I pulled up to this beautiful historical building and Erica met me at the door. I made a comment about all the glitter in the walk way , I asked if they had had a party. Her answer was, "no we just love glitter", perfect answer! As we walked through the building I passed all the fun shops inside, I’m thinking, "wow this place is pretty cool." I get up in the studio and I’m greeted by a cheery make up artist. Sitting up in the makeup chair felt like a celebrity. Soon after the hair dresser showed up and styled my hair. Looking in the mirror after everything was completed, I was feeling like a goddess, I was ready! Erica is very down to earth and makes you feel extremely comfortable while, you know, shooting half naked. We worked together putting together all the pieces I brought with me to wear. The whole experience was fun, sexy and liberating! The first time I saw my photographs I was in tears. I have struggled with body image issues my whole life and for the first time I looked at them and saw myself for who I am with no judgement at all! Thank you for the wonderful experience.