How it Began...

The 100 Project began as a school assignment for my Photography Portfolio class and then I decided to double dip and add it to my Fine Art Seminar class as well. It was essentially the Capstone for all that I've learned while at community college. I decided to photograph a few people as they are, naturally, in front of the camera. I thought 100 images would be great. I'd space each shot at 3 seconds and use the intervalometer to automatically take the images. I would leave the room. This broke down to 5 minutes alone in a room with a camera. Then I decided to "go big or go home" and expanded it to 100 people, 100 photos for a total of 10,000 images. Over the course of a month I photographed on eight different days. Over 100 people arrived and were photographed. I needed to overbook because the nature of humans is that things happen. People get sick or forget about a previous obligation or something just comes up. It's all good so I planned for those instances and set my expectations to meet that understanding. People arrived at the studio alone or with their entire family. Babies, children, teens, young adults, middle age folks, and those who are as wise as their years graced the studio with their presence. And I mean that so endearingly. I cannot thank each and every person who participated enough. What you'll see in the selection of images are folks who love, love, love the camera and those who were merely there to support my educational process despite how uncomfortable they were sitting there. Folks drove down from a minute away to driving a few hours from the Hudson River Valley. My gratitude is immense and my appreciation for them all is unwavering.

Not only is this a photographic project, but it's also a small study of how humans behave. They were placed in a studio with a window to their right. A backdrop behind them. The room was not empty, so there were things to catch their attention. They had the choice of sitting on a high bar stool, on a lower chair, or standing. They were also told that they could do whatever they wanted while in front of the camera. It was their time. A few folks did things that were unlike any others. But for the most part, many of the movements were very, very similar. Humans are beautifully amazing beings.


Shirt Over Face

The 100 Project