Trigger Warning - A photographic project juxtaposing the inner traumas or struggles with the personas the world sees of them, giving them a voice and a healing community. I began this project in 2015 after a tarot card reader, Mary Daisley, told me that i'd be showing my work in a gallery at the end of the summer. Two months after the reading, a friend opened up an art gallery (Nine Dot Gallery) and was looking for artists to show. I took this as a sign and opportunity. I decided to start creating something to show. Remembering that I had a red maternity dress from Sew Trendy Accessories in my closet, I began by photographing Emma. After doing a model call on Facebook, Jen volunteered to model. Jen suggested possibly endeavoring on a different project. Jen has Multiple Sclerosis, as well as Pancreatitis and a host of other ailments. She suggested doing a project that could show how much pain a person can be in because she hears, "but you look so good", from people who cannot empathize with her pain. Society seems to deem that if you look good then you must feel good. The idea was loved and the project was born. After the first gallery show at Nine Dot Gallery in Worcester, entitled Re:Imagine (alongside artists Erica Silvestri and Amanda Lohnes) I was approached by award-winning filmmaker Skip Shea about a fellowship to be a first-time woman filmmaker under the Shawna E. Shea Memorial Foundation. The project continued into 2016 and I created a documentary short about Invisible ~ the red dress project called "...but you look so good". It won the Audience Award for Best Documentary Short at the Shawna Shea Film Festival at starlite gallery in Southbridge in November 2016. This project has taken on a life of it's own. The women who have participated have found comfort and healing. They have created a community of support. It's been a beautiful thing. There have been some men who have volunteered for the project. Their stories and experiences are just as important. Their voices will be heard. If you are interested in becoming a part of this project please me send a message.