Closing the Studio

Per usual, I'm getting super real here. I'm pretty much an open book on the regular, no surprise there.

So, I totally didn't think that this would happen so soon. The studio I opened less than a year ago no longer serves me. Let me back up a bit. At some point in my boudoir business I left the idea that folks had to be made up and dressed a certain way in order to be and feel beautiful. Over the many years that I've photographed boudoir something never felt right about it. Now, I will never ever judge anyone for wanting what they want. If you want to be a super model for a day and get pampered and wear the lacy things and such, my gosh, go do that. If that makes you feel amazing then do it! However, that is not me and I can't sell it. Because when it comes down to it... I run a business and I need to work hard to sell you the idea that you NEED this. If I don't believe that it's completely important to have those things then I can't sell it. I want to photograph people who want to embrace who they are in this moment... not when they lose 20lbs or if they can fit into a flattering (read - skinny-appearing) outfit. I don't want to have to try to pose everyone to make them look thinner. I can do it and I can do it fucking well. The thing is, I don't want to. Being an independent human, I can make that call for myself.

I also want to photograph more humans outdoors. In the woods, in the water, in the grass, in the city, in a backyard, on a mountain top. I want to photograph humans in their own homes... in the spaces they love and feel the most comfortable...not in some pretend bedroom they've never seen before.

Every photographer works so fucking hard to run their business. You don't see the back end of it all. The branding, the communication, the competitive pricing, the product menus... finding the right products that we love and think you'll love too! When you own a studio there's external influences that create internal pressure to create the right sets. The right decor. The right everything. Of course I want a bathtub in my studio. And a forest. And a pond. And wings. And rugs and rugs and tapestries and chandeliers and all the furry throw blankets you can imagine. And all the gels and lighting and crystals and sparkly things. I bought almost all of it. It was so overwhelming.

Then there's the education. It never, ever stops. I wish we got CEUs for it or something. From the programs we use to streamline our business to photo editing software to networking and learning about different genres and on and on and on... I was in it deep. And you know what?

I burnt myself out.

It wasn't what I needed or wanted anymore.

With all of those things combined, I was done. I wanted to do it all my own way.

Now, does that mean I'm done photographing? Hell NO. But the studio business isn't for me. I'm closing the doors to the studio at the end of 2022 but not to my career. Am I still shooting boudoir? Yes! Am I still shooting families and seniors? You betcha! Will you be doing mini-sessions for any genre? No. Will you be shooting events and weddings? Honestly? Yes-ish. I will photograph small, intimate weddings. I will photograph events that resonate with me.

I am only available for photography on Sundays starting 2023.

I also need to focus on my family. My kids are teens and they'll be adults before I know it. I don't want to miss these important years.

with love,