Months ago I had some sweatshirts and t-shirts made. I figured that if I'm going to wear a logo on my shirt it might as well be one that supports me. If I have words on my shirts they're going to be businesses I personally know and support. They're going to be words I can stand behind. They're going to be thoughtful and/or thought-provoking.

After I started wearing my new gear I received requests and some orders were placed. I did this through social media. Unfortunately, the way social media works is if you're paying attention you'll see the things. Sometimes even if you are paying attention, though, you don't see the things. I have had some more requests for shirts. So, I have some more options for styles and colors. If you're interested, feel free to check them out


I made sure to keep the prices really, really low. I make a small profit, but it's literally hardly anything. But supporting me by being a walking billboard is truly and deeply appreciated.

Logo designed by Amanda Stone Lohnes