Taking Flight...

As Brooke ran around the field I could totally picture her taking off with the wind. The sun was lower in the sky now and the wind was picking up. The temperature dropped a little, too. It was still a beautiful spring 62, but with that sun disappearing you could feel the chill setting in. The feathers on the wings were being bent in different directions as the wind blew. They're not real feathers so they didn't pop back into place. They remained stuck in their temporary home and it reminded me of bedhead. We had to pause to straighten them out so many times, but mostly I was focused on Brooke and her form that I forgot to make note of the feathers.

I have been working with Brooke for a few years now. She's truly an artist to the core. She is a conceptual makeup artist. You can see her work on Facebook here and on Instagram here and here. I am a huge fan of her painting style. She made some portraits of serial killers using paint and her hands and palette knifes...no brushes. They're pretty phenomenal. We started working together in 2018 and when she agreed to lie down in the water on a chilly October day I knew I had found someone I was going to love working with. She's insanely creative and if you're ever looking for a conceptual makeup artist, commissioned paintings, or a model, please do reach out to her.

I ordered these amazing Lucifer wings off of Etsy. They are not vegan as there are feather embellishments on the top and scattered through. I love their shape and how they look when the sun hits them from behind. I'm excited to have another set of wings coming in a few weeks, but they're a completely different shape. I can't wait to create with them and see what happens.