I've sat and tried to start so many times. I've tried to start taking care of my health. I've tried to start going through the 15k cell phone shots I have in a cloud-based storage system. I've tried to start organizing my sock drawer... no seriously...t's a disaster. I've tried to start my first blog post... over a dozen times. Starting anything can be so challenging. How do we begin?

I have spent years trying to figure out the right logo for my business. My dear friend, Jackie, a brilliant and talented graphic designer and artist, has traded frustrated messages (my frustration...she was nothing but patient and kind) with me over the years. I have gone through several logos and nothing really stuck. A year ago I finally decided that my name and what I do is enough. Erica. Chick. Photo. Film. I decided it was one I stand behind so I had it printed on one t-shirt. It arrived today and I do love it.

To wear my own name on my body is strange to me. It took me a long time to be okay with it. However, anyone who knows me knows that I wear my kids' Scout Troop apparel and a friend's film production company hoodie all the time. I have no issue supporting those I stand behind but it's been difficult to stand for myself in this way.

Intimate portraiture is so similar. How do we invest in ourselves? We can choose to be vulnerable and invest in furthering understanding of ourselves and doing that inner work. We can choose to be seen in a way that we don't even see ourselves. We can also choose to hide because we are not yet ready. We can choose to step into vulnerability. It's always a choice. Sometimes we're not ready and other times we couldn't be more ready.

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