S & C.

These two have been together for a long time. Friends will tell you that they are hot for one another. It is the truest of stories. When Shannon told me that she wanted to do a shoot I was thrilled! I know Shannon from homeschooling our kiddos. She's this pretty, fun, kind, hippie mom who's always in drawstring pants and a flannel. I have never seen her and her husband together for more than, like, a few minutes before. Well, buy some fun outfits, throw some makeup on to accentuate her beautiful features and tell her to kiss her scantily clad husband and... well, WOAH. They were on fire. They were hot. Sexy hot. You could feel the energy between them and it was so lovely to bear witness to. I love that kind of fiery passion. They were also super cute together...giggling and laughing. Sometimes I have couples thumb wrestle to get them smiling and laughing. They were happy to play and were super huggy. It was simply the sweetest.