There are a lot of trends in the photography world. Just like with anything anywhere else. When a group of people start chatting and someone has a great idea it can take on a life of it's own. I saw this as an early homeschooling mama. Someone found a great teaching tool and everyone was buying them. As someone who jumped into wholesome, healthy eating I was introduced to the Vitamix and the Excalibur and the Berkey. Everyone had one. Someone has a great idea or gadget, why not jump on that bandwagon, right?

In the photography world everyone is buying the dressing gown for photoshoots. They have been for quite some time but I just procured one this year. Tulle skirts and shiny, sequined gowns are also big. I mean, look at them. Of course people want to be photographed in them. They're freaking fabulous. So, I bought them for my client wardrobe. Yes. Yes I did. I took some selfies. They were fun. But I'm one body. I wanted to show that a variety of bodies could look and feel amazing in these fabrics.

Fortunately, I know a lot of people who like to be photographed. I know a lot of small business owners who like to support other small business owners. It's a great thing. I was fortunate to have Jenn Spinelli of Moon and Stag Studios; Ashley Nunez of Old Growth Alchemy and Widdershins Stories podcast; fellow photographer, artist, and drag king Randi Xtra Xtra; and artist and model Izzy come out to Uxbridge and wear these amazing pieces. They each brought their own beauty and persona to their shoot. I loved watching each person use the fabric in a way that was intuitive to them.

Many of us walk into a store, see a garment we love, and then immediately start the negative self-talk ... "I could never pull that off..." Here we have different bodies wearing the same three pieces and they all look gorgeous. Their confidence, their expressions, their smiles... it all lends to how we see one another. We are more than our bodies. We are our spirited souls just living life in the body that takes us along that journey.